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I want to Welcome you to my Fine Art America page and to my photography, which is inspired by the world of which we live in. My name is Tammy, I came into the world of Photography late in life, my mid 40's, when life was quite busy with raising of children. I needed something of my own however and that first camera, was a tool to begin to find myself and to spark inspiration inward and out to others. Photography has made me grow in ways I never thought possible. I am grateful to those who believed in me, encouraged me and who have used my portrait services and bought my Fine Art.

I have lived most of my adult life in Kansas, currently, however, I reside in Springfield Missouri, the heart of the Ozarks. Most of my Art is from both states , and any travels I am blessed to go on. You will see that not just one thing is the inspiration of my Art, I love nature and all things in it, but I also love all things vintage, including old cars and buildings, signs.

I also am not one to just do one kind of Art, I love impression work, some abstracts, perhaps it depends on my mood and I know the viewer of Art, sees things differently as well. My goal is to have something that appeals to you and your heart, that would bring happiness.

Art should bring emotion to your life, to your home or office, those are the places, we want to sit in and have calm, peace away from the usual hustle of the world we live in. As you look at my collections, enjoy, leave a note for me, regardless if you buy or not, I love to hear from all of you around the world.

Blessings to you

Tammy Webster

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