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Learn more about Tammy Ray from Palm Coast, FL - United States.

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To take chances, to believe in whom you are and to express yourself in whatever way you feel in that moment. Photos are such a way of speech for me. They are an open book with no ending. When I take the picture I feel the picture!
I discovered my passion for photography at an early age- I was captivated by the way I could freeze a single moment in time forever on film. It was an entry to an infinite world of wonder. I could put a smile on somebody�s face when they look at one of my photographs, I could bring tears to one�s eyes, I could bring laughter to one�s heart.

While the tools I use today have certainly changed, I still find the same world of wonder all around me: in breathtaking beauty of a soaring landscape, in the innocent smile of a child at play, in the extravagant display of a vibrant flower. All moments in time captured forever to enjoy again and again. I hope you feel that same sense of wonder and enjoyment as you browse.

Tammy Ray joined Pixels.com Licensing on October 6th, 2013.