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Learn more about Tammy Oliver from Barossa Valley, SA - Australia.

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My Journey as an artist started in March 2017, I was highly encouraged to pursue painting, to become an Artist. Outside of my Counselling experience of Art as a form of therapy, i knew nothing. So with much Cohesion and praise, to which i am extremely grateful now, I learnt to embrace this journey and to see where it leads me. After all, I have a passion for learning and i can teach myself, so why not.

Now, nearly 5 years later I have discovered that Art is a part of who I am, a reflection of Me, as within so without. Art has always been there, dormant, and I had no voice or ability to express myself, my feelings as an Autistic in this world, until Art was awakened in me. In my journey so far I have realised I am not limited by styles nor will I ever want to be. And with this I mean, that I will not Just do landscapes Or abstracts Or impressionism Or flowers, animals Or the like.

When I create I will do whatever moves me. My Artwork reflects my loves and passions, to which I have many. It's a tool for Healing and Growth when i need it. It will reflect my moods and moments that i can not express like others, My Voice. My Art Is Me!. So that Revelation basically means, Whoever I am, in that Moment of Creation, will Instinctively be a major part of the outcome of the piece. Therefore I cannot be limited by styles or technique and I will use whatever is available to me, whatever moves me in that moment of time. Variety and Freedom to create Whatever I Want is my Style.

Hope you Enjoy

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