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Learn more about Suzi Gessert from Williamsburg, Virginia - United States.

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Hello! I've only just begun posting my art here. I love this site! Please bear with me as I add to my FAA portfolio. Thanks!

I live life in color! With music as accompaniment!

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. I have a BA degree in English and a minor in Fine Arts. I've tried to dedicate my life to being creative and spreading the love for creativity. My writings and my art are mostly about the different parts of my Self. I teach both to children and adults and try to impart the fantastical life of the creative spirit.

Along with music and color, my life is animals, insight into it all, and love. I try to bring to life whatever I'm painting, whether it be of a 'real' subject or an abstract. Using different mediums and varying styles is important to my make-up as an artist and keeps the creativity fresh and exciting for me! My goal is to make the viewer feel as though he or she can walk into my art and feel its meaning according to him or her. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for visiting my site!

All the images on this site are protected by copyright law. No image may be reproduced without my permission.

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Suzi Gessert joined Licensing on October 19th, 2014.