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About Susan Rissi Tregoning

Learn more about Susan Rissi Tregoning from Marion, IL - United States.

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I am a travel photographer specializing in United States landscape, nature, transportation, and architectural photography.

As the 8th photographer in 4 generations of my family, photography has always been part of my life. I was standing on a stool in the darkroom, helping my dad develop pictures by the time I was five years old. It was my job to transfer the photos from the hypo to the water bath.

I went to college for interior design. After I graduated, I had a long successful career as an art buyer and designer for a large home furnishings company.

In 2006, I had a significant life change. My husband became a medical traveler, and I decided to put my career on hold to tag along. In the process, I found my roots again. What started as casual snapshots became an obsession with capturing every location and object as art. By combining my past love of photography with my interior design background, I am now creating art instead of just purchasing it for others.

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Susan Rissi Tregoning joined Licensing on August 13th, 2015.