Stacy Neasham - Artist

About Stacy Neasham

Learn more about Stacy Neasham from Phoenix, AZ - United States.

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I am an eclectic painter living in Arizona, USA and have sold artwork internationally. I typically use oil, acrylic, mixed media and occasionally watercolor, and charcoal for creations. Educated at the University of Arizona with a focus on figure drawing.

My pieces are typically abstract, impressionistic or expressionistic in style, with genres of landscapes, flowers, animals, people and people parts.

Eclectic, sensual, erotic, whimsical, emotional, bold, vibrant, abstract, sensitive, haunting, personal, intimate, happy, fun, my love, my heart, my soul, they are me, at my best and worst moments.

Stacy Neasham joined Licensing on December 12th, 2017.