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About Soraya D'Apuzzo

Learn more about Soraya D'Apuzzo from Nocera Inferiore, Salerno - Italy.

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Soraya D'Apuzzo, born on 02/05/1977 in Salerno, Cm, Italy, and now She's living in Rome, Italy. She's currently Freelance Professional Graphic Design, Photographer, Web Marketing, Web design, App design, Executive SEO Specialist and Communications and Information Technics. She has acquired, through study and numerous work experiences, different knowledge both in graphic design, editorial, and fashion both in food photography, still life, Fine Art Photography, Vintage, Abstract, Pop Art, Nature and Digital Arts, Poems. She's a lover of art, creativity, originality and technology.

Soraya D'Apuzzo joined Licensing on December 21st, 2016.