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Learn more about Sonja Jones from Gates Mills, OH - United States.

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Hello, and thank you for viewing my artwork! Introduced to painting on the backside of middle age, I've been painting intensely ever since. While I don't have any formal artistic training, it would be wrong to say I am self-taught - I am constantly looking at the work of other artists and photographers for inspiration, methods, and techniques. Artists whom I admire and have helped me develop or influenced me to date include David Rankin, Alison Newth, Valerie Toliver, Peter Sheeler, and Jonathan Harris, among others. Please check them out!

Currently I'm working in acrylics and watercolors, and my work is constantly evolving. While I am open to painting just about any subject matter, animals and wildlife have been my primary focus so far. Branching out from my love of nature, I've also begun photographing wildlife; so I have some of my photographs displayed in my gallery, too.

I began painting in 2015, and my very first subject was my dog, Smudge. Which seems appropriate, since he is a dachshund and many of the great artists such as Picaso and Andy Warhol have owned and painted the dachshunds they adored! I still paint commissioned pet portraits - dachshunds and other breeds alike. If you're interested in a commissioned pet portrait or purchasing original pieces, please feel free to contact me at or visit my Etsy shop at

Whether you think you have talent or not, everyone should create. The greatest thing that happens when you start to consider yourself an artist, is that you begin to view the whole world differently. Everything you see becomes a potential piece of artwork, and you open yourself up to the beauty in even the most common and mundane things.

Sonja Jones joined Licensing on June 8th, 2016.