Shreya Sen - Artist

About Shreya Sen

Learn more about Shreya Sen from Sandefjord, vestfold - Norway.

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I am a visual artist based in Norway.

Making art not only helps me pursue my passion and hobby, but it also gives me a distinct way to help and support society and global causes in my own small way.

Capturing the positivity, beauty or simple joys of life and nature are the main subjects of my paintings. It is targeted towards all age groups. The works are executed using mix of pastel shades and vibrant colors, many times incorporating abstracts in the medium of watercolor on paper or acrylic on canvas. I also like using oil, charcoal, and soft pastels. Photography on site visits is the other thing I love doing. Capturing the beauty of nature and sharing with all to enjoy is something fun as well.

Shreya Sen joined Licensing on October 11th, 2020.