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Learn more about Sherri Fink from Charlotte, NC - United States.

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I have been involved with photography since about the age of 16. I love the creativity of the art. In my early 20's, i did some darkroom development that was extremely fun and rewarding to me. Now my darkroom equipment, which I still have is old and rusting (just kidding) but the digital age is here.
I have learned some Photoshop through online classes and love it. I just wish i had the time to learn more and enjoy what it has to offer. A lot of my work is finished with Lightroom or Photoshop.

I have traveled a great deal and plan to travel more, always looking for that perfect photo. Some of the places that I have traveled to are; Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sicily, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic. I just recently completed a trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
I would love to travel more as time permits.

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Sherri Fink joined Licensing on April 26th, 2015.