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Learn more about Shelley Jones from Union, KY - United States.

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My involvement in art began several years ago. My daughter enjoyed little drawings of castles, characters, and such. I than began to expand, taking it a step farther with painting and such giving myself some pleasure. I found myself feeling refreshed. It elevated the mind from the 'everyday' allowing my thoughts to wonder off into a 'place' of no stress, no laundry. I fell in love with that 'place'. I have tinkered with painting, sculpture, wax, photography, and digital art, all of which I am mostly self-taught. I had 'somewhat' settled on photography and digital art for a while. 'Somewhat' meaning I still relish the freedom to work with the other mediums. However, as of late, I have been getting back into painting again.

Looking at my portfolio you see that mixture of those different mediums. It is said to pick one or two to display, and just play with the rest. A 'rule' of the trade. In other words 'you can only have a piece of apple or peach pie'. Right now 'I would rather have a piece of them all'. Art is a freedom to express. At this time I am 'expressing'.

I have also included a 'gallery' within a 'gallery', my brothers. Check out Greg's gallery. Click on a gallery to see artworks, click on artwork to view prices, and sizes available.

Another website is S Jones Floral Photography where you can see more of my work. - Online Art Supplies

Visit me and some other fine artist here at the Rosebrook Art Center
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Shelley Jones joined Licensing on January 25th, 2008.