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Learn more about Sheila Silverstein from Delray Beach, FL - United States.

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I began exploring nature photography while living in Michigan. The landscape was green and lush, and I particularly loved photographing in the woods. Everything about the woods and greenery fascinated me from the differences in shading and light, the woodland creatures, and the change of seasons. Not always a lover of winter, I even found beauty in the winter landscape.
Several years ago I moved to Florida, and, although I still miss the northern landscape, I have found immense beauty in this new location. I live 15 minutes from the ocean, and make it a point to capture the sights at the beach. My favorite is sunrise. We also have wetlands and nature preserves that have a different sort of beauty than the northern woodlands.

My aim in sharing these images is to share the beauty and emotion that I felt when capturing them. We all feel lost, confused, insecure, unhappy, scared, unsure, and sometimes the challenges of life are overwhelming. We have all been in that dark place at times, and need to be reminded that it is a beautiful world. I hope that by viewing these images, you are uplifted, can gain new perspective, and can be guided towards a new day with renewed energy.

' It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see.'

The use of my images is not allowed without permission.

Sheila Silverstein joined Licensing on November 18th, 2011.