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Learn more about Shannon Mattis from Owings, MD - United States.

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Hello, and welcome!! I'm Shannon, the creator behind all the images displayed on this page. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and currently live in Owings, MD with my husband and three teenage children.

My photography journey began many, many years ago... as a dream. While sitting at my work desk, I would stare at the landscape calendar in front of me. I would think about how beautiful all these places were and how wonderful THAT moment must've been for the person taking the photo. Then, I began imagining what it would be like if *I* was that person. Month after month, calendar after calendar, I would dream about becoming the photographer taking those calendar photos. Once I paid off my student loans, I bought my first camera. I took classes at the University of Maryland and learned film photography, now I practice digital photography.

I hope you enjoy your visit through my gallery.

Please do not copy or distribute any of my photos without my consent.

Shannon Mattis joined Licensing on March 11th, 2021.