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About Serena Vachon

Learn more about Serena Vachon from Millbrook, AL - United States.

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As a nature and wildlife photographer, I look for anything outside that interests me. After a fall from a horse years ago, I was injured severely, and eventually became unable to work, so I dived into my photography. I have enjoyed every moment since then, always looking for the perfect shot. I am mostly self-taught as I think the best way to learn is to do. I still study through tutorials and articles/books but trial and error have been my best teacher. I see beauty in nature all year round, and in all places. I love to see other photographers' work (and other artists too) and share my own. I live in the U.S., in the south, but am originally from England. One of my favorite, and most challenging things to photograph, are the birds.

Serena Vachon joined Licensing on July 28th, 2015.