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About Science Research Lab By Olivier Le Queinec

Learn more about Science Research Lab By Olivier Le Queinec from Reafield, ME - United States.

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Welcome to Science Research Lab, a collection of laboratory glassware photographs by American photographer Olivier Le Queinec.

Olivier is a well-established stock photographer specializing in still life studio photography. This portfolio features his more creative images in that specialty.

Glass is very difficult to light properly. To look its best, it should be clean and free of distracting scratches, spots and water marks. Even with the best cleaning and dusting effort, close-up glassware macro photography always shows, magnified, the tiniest imperfections. To resolve this and achieve a flawless result, Olivier insists that each photo be thoroughly retouched in post-processing. It’s typically done at very high screen magnification, using mostly a clone tool brush set at a tiny diameter of 6 pixel or so. Such precision is necessary to remove any visible remaining flaws in the glass, and even bubbles in liquids that he finds distracting. It’s a very demanding and lengthy process since hundreds of defects must be removed from each single image, but the result is a perfectly flawless glass surface and a superior quality photograph.

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