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Learn more about Sasha Samardzija from Nootdorp, Zuid Holland - Netherlands.

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My earliest memories about photography are from when I was only 4 years old - my father wanted to make a photo of me, but I wanted to hold the camera while he makes the photo, so it ended up with tears, as expected. Since then, I was always somehow connected with taking and making the images...

I started early with film photography and made a small dark room, and still can remember the smell of the developer and fixer from that time... For some time I resisted to move to digital, but curiosity prevailed, so early in years 2000 I started more seriously with digital photography. Since then, I've been trying to express how I see the world in shape of pictures, and here you can find the result of it, my best images. The subjects of my photos are mostly Landscapes, Seascapes and Nature in general, where I find the beauty that I try to interpret the way I see it, in micro and macro worlds. Here are also flowers and plants that captivate me with its shapes and colors.

I'm trying to unify my other passion - music, with photography, to find the similarity in frequencies and to feel the ones that resonate with me... That was all about my right brain hemisphere, my left one is occupied with software development.

Sasha Samardzija joined Licensing on December 18th, 2015.