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Learn more about MS Art By Sarka from Prague, Ceska republika - Czech Republic.

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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my site, which is dedicated to my interest and love of painting.

Painting is my relaxation, a self-contained universe where I am totally free of the outside world and can truly be myself. I am an autodidact painter, experiencing pure and simple joy in the process and act of painting. The ability to express feelings and thoughts through brushes and paints is, for me, a truly liberating and life affirming experience.

I started painting as a child, loving the opportunity be creative and express myself in many different ways, however for the past five years my focus has centred on canvas. I don't have a favourite genre, so you will find a variety of styles, from landscape painting, through modern projects and abstract paintings that leave plenty of space for the imagination. I don't work conceptually, I seldom know exactly what the final creation will look like, I let myself be guided by my current mood and emotions. I ALWAYS put my heart and soul into every painting, so each one will always contains a piece of my inner self.

Every piece of my art is an original painting, made with love, passion and the desire to create.

Welcome to my universe!

Yours Sarka - MS Art

MS Art By Sarka joined Licensing on May 6th, 2021.