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Learn more about Sandi Mikuse from Kamloops, BC - Canada.

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All of my memories from childhood are about the LIGHT, how it glowed softly pink and orange on the horizon as I sat on the front step on a warm, still evening...

how golden it was in the early morning as I tiptoed out to the apple tree beneath my bedroom window...

how blinding and stark it was on a mid summer's afternoon as the sun hung high overhead.

To this day my heart is full to overflowing when I think of the beauty of this planet...this jewel we call 'earth'.

If I can portray even a small fraction of this beauty with my photos, if I can portray even a small fraction of the joy this beauty brings me, I will be pleased.

To quote one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver:

'How perfectly
and neatly
opens the pink rose

this bright morning,
the sun warm
on my shoulders,

its heat
on the opening petals.

it is the smallest,
the least important event
at this moment

in the world.
Yet I stand there,
utterly happy.'

These are all my own images.
All rights reserved. Copying and/or
distributing these images without my
permission is strictly prohibited.

Sandi Mikuse joined Licensing on March 16th, 2013.