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Learn more about Russell Welton from Plymouth, Devon - United Kingdom.

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Russell Welton is a fine art photographer from the school of Serge Ramelli. Specialising in landscapes with a passion for black and white places, graces and head spaces.

A former international music photo-journalist and editor for Acoustic magazine his works are inspired by drama and dynamism in the natural world and manmade architectural structure and form.

Here is an exerpt from his Black and White Storytelling article:

We have an inbuilt bias to be attracted to highlights coupled with the fact that the human brain is a mind-boggling capable interpolator and playful calculator and this is why I love black and white photography. The absoluteness of the moment is emphasized by the bold contrasts which are naturally attractive in their own right. It is as if your brain snaps to attention to puzzle out the differences and work out any pattern which could be revealed. But herein lies the real beauty. The lack of colour allows you to see the image your own way. It activates a personalized perspective or emotional interpretation because you are not being dictated the whole story all at once in a colourful overload. It is intimate by way of invitation to make your own story from what you see, firing the imagination and the creative process in the observer. Maybe it is as simple as less is more or that if you remove sugar and salt you can taste the real flavours. The push and pull of the pixels relate the intensity or calm of the image within, offering an honesty and vital essence, escapism and reality.


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Russell Welton joined Licensing on March 11th, 2021.