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About Rosemary Mazzulla

Learn more about Rosemary Mazzulla from Auburn, ME - United States.

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Firstly, I love Jesus that is reflected in some of my artwork.
My artwork has a variety. Fro example: nature scenes, Bible scenes, and other art like abstract art.
Some of it anyone can enjoy but all of my artwork is according to Biblical principles although much of it anyone can enjoy like nature scenes and holiday artwork. Everything I do I want to please Jesus so you will not find offensive paintings from me.

My art-work can be made into various size prints and/or greeting cards from this website.
Most originals are still available!

Also, we are excited about the opportunity when it arises and more then willing to participate in/with the ABC/Disney licensing agreement!

If there is art-work of mine that you see here at Fine Art America and you would like to lease
then please contact me.

Second Note:
All measurements given on the originals of my Art-work are approximate
and are accurate within a fraction of an inch but could be off by up to 0.125 (1/8) of an inch.
With Prints that will not be a concern because they are whatever size you ordered from
Fine Art America.

One other note:
Some of those Prints would make original gifts.
Also, if you use my art-work for greeting cards, you can be sure very few will be able to say; 'I got that greeting card many times'.


Now onto About me; Rosemary Knox Mazzulla

Born in Maine, I lived here most of my life and currently live in Maine.

I met my husband Bill in church and we married in 1985.
in August 2015 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer and Jesus healed me of cancer in January 2016.
In spite of trials of life and also deaths in our families we are still close and strong in faith.

I have always enjoyed sketching and eventually started doing acrylic paintings as a way of relaxing.
When I started doing acrylics, I used poster-board around the house and trimmed the poster-board with scissors to the approximate size I wanted for my paintings. Most of my original artwork was on more traditional canvas boards & a few on stretched canvasses. With Fine Art America you have choices of the material the prints of material my drawings and paintings will be on.

Nature, life, the Bible, others art and prayer are my inspiration for my paintings.

My art work is acrylic, oil, colored pencils and on occasion one or more of other mediums added in.
Depending on the mood and the painting, or drawing, my artwork is a variety of styles. Having lived in Maine most of my life I enjoy doing paintings of lakes and ocean scenes. I especially like painting light houses. However I am not limited to only water and lighthouse scenes. Creating a variety of artwork makes it more interesting!

My art work is some abstract, some impressionism, and other styles.
Often my art work is a mixture of styles!

Rosemary Mazzulla joined Licensing on August 1st, 2009.