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Rosemarie E Seppala - Artist

About Rosemarie E Seppala

Learn more about Rosemarie E Seppala from Grand Rapids, MI - United States.

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Well, first things first.... Born and raised as country girl, in the little hamlet of Alto, Michigan. I was the oldest of five and I held responsibility most of the time for the five of us most days. Some more daunting then others. Always exploring the back woods, fields, many ponds, the rivers; the big Grand River and The Thornapple River, as well as Campbell, Campau and Kettle Lakes near our home too. Realizing then and now just how lucky we were then to have such a great environment to grow up in. How it shaped and formed awareness of nature with all it had to offer us was special, especially when you consider it in this day and age of computers and fast paced lives we live now.
My education I received from nature, grandparents/aunts and uncles on their farms, and Caledonia Community Schools. During middle school and high school, I was given a great opportunity at the Grange Hall down the street from my childhood home. The Classes were taught by well known professional artists. They helped me get started in artwork with oils and showing me how to practice certain brush strokes, patterns, for country painting and free hand artwork with palette knives. They followed me then to high school, and allowed me expand my work to canvas boards, barn boards, and then to regular canvas. After high school, I went on Grand Rapids Junior College with classes in art history, watercolors, acrylics, pencil/charcoal/pen/ink drawing, jewelry making, and pre-teaching classes for K-12 being taught by great professors/professionals as well. Upon getting married I continued to take night classes in oil painting, then expanding to acrylics when my children were small. ( Due to it dried so much faster, and little fingers and paw prints did not interfere with the final artwork).

Today, it is not much different. Well, maybe a bit. Being a bit older and much wiser, is a good thing. Also, it makes nature and our world as we knew it then and as it is now,two different worlds. Which is why you will see nature, wildlife, landscape, waterscapes, city/country byways in my work presented here. Due in part , that our environment is so precious, and it is important to all of us to have clean ecosystems of water and air. The countryside, roadways, waterways, little towns, villages, beaches, sunsets. sunrises, and of course natures wildlife are what I know. I have been told to shoot and make my art from what I know. So,in retrospect, I have been trying to make my galleries a fine mix of all media's. With this in mind, contemporary/modern/abstract art lovers, to easy going and easy on the eyes landscapes and waterscapes, outdoor recreational artwork. All in all, I hope there is something for everyone in my galleries.

Each piece created is from a creative and learning eye. I work from my photographs in my paintings, and the abstracts are a thought process with color and lines which I try make a flowing movement in each piece. My artwork and photography vary by season and techniques in watercolor, oils, country painting, pastels, pen and ink, with a few times a mix of some or all, just for good measure. Soon, you may see my hand painted mailboxes, each are one of a kind, not mass produced. Each are in acrylic paint, deco-podge, and or mixed media and each are sealed with UV Clear for outdoor use . I will be practicing shooting these, so they will display well here as well. So, from looking at my work, you can see this is my first love, and hopefully someday I can do this full time as I did before children, and what is now everyday life, where I wear many hats.

Hope each of you will enjoy my artwork and photography. If you would, Please feel free to leave comments, or critiques on my work. As this is how all artist continue to learn and improve their artwork. If you have an idea or would like something different or have something special in mind for yourself or a loved one..... Let me know and I will be glad to custom photograph,create, or paint what you are looking for. Leave me a email here at Fine Art

Thank you for taking the time in reviewing and purchasing my artwork for your home, business offices, or professional medical office/corridors. RES

Rosemarie E Seppala joined Licensing on June 10th, 2014.