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Learn more about Ron Potter from Helena, MT - United States.

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Hello fellow art enthusiasts, it's so nice to be a part of this amazing community and an honor as well!

At the age of 15, seven of my watercolors were featured at the Art Institute of Chicago, five of which won 1st place awards. High Schools from all over Northern Illinois participated in the competition so it was a great honor to be awarded at all. Since then, my art has been featured in several locations around Oregon. I was awarded one national photography award.

People may ask me what sort of artist are you ... what is your specialty? I don't stick to one style. I just love art of all sorts, but natural themes are my favorite. I don't have an issue with photo effects, as long as they are tasteful and add to the original image. But I'll tell you one thing I won't do ... I won't take seven pictures of the same landscape seven times 10 minutes apart and then publish all of them on here. It's just too boring. I'll choose the best one and leave it at that.

I am a preferred mod author for Skyrim (the video game), a realistic kingdom of castles, kings and dragons where magic is power. I have created many models for that game and am featured at User: 'Whitemorn.' Here is my YouTube channel:
My models consist of homes and actors that are used by people when they play the game. It's a totally different way of expressing my artistic abilities, using technical skills in such a way. I currently have several thousand followers who use my models in their games.

I enjoy hiking, fishing, photography (duh), and music; being a currently 'non committed' DJ ... 'Rockin Ronnie'. I play piano and guitar, and I sing karaoke almost every week. I have written about two hours of music for guitar and many digital studio songs.

I was raised in Napa, California, then moved to the Chicago area till I was 20 when I returned to the west coast to live in Oregon for many years. I'm now living in Ohio.

Thanks for checking out my bio!

Ron Potter joined Licensing on April 24th, 2017.