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Learn more about Robin Pedrero from Frisco, TX - United States.

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I use a symbolic visual language exploring the visible and invisible creating a commentary on relationships and thoughts. As I work the images can be unexpected flowing from gathered memories. I use color to emulate the energy and spirit of nature. Music and rhythm play a role in my process and seeps into the movement of my creation. I use contrasting elements within the layers in a work of art, for instance showing past and present time, or manmade and natural elements, and even style variations. As I build the layers I make connections in my mind and a story comes forth and unfolds. The work evolves, and quite often by the time the painting is finished it has a history of stories within the layers, sometimes revealed sometime interwoven.

Robin Maria Pedrero is an American artist, with her first solo museum exhibit at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art September 2015, awarded by Baterbys Art Auction House Gallery as Best Florida Artist 2012 and listed in Florida International Magazine's Florida Artists Hall of Fame. She is an elected signature member of the Pastel Society of America and an award-winning artist with her work in galleries, museum permanent collections, museum gift shops, film and collected worldwide. Pedrero's art is a visual journey, where she captures the spirit and energy of life in rhythmic layers of color. She responds to what catches her eyes and heart personifying nature, evoking moods of transition, strength, joy, and serenity. Pedrero worked from her home studio in Florida from1989 - August 2016. She creates from her studio in Frisco Texas.Ten percent of her proceeds are given to charities.

Robin Maria Pedrero

Robin Pedrero joined Licensing on June 27th, 2010.