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Learn more about Rick Reesman from Prescot, Az - USA Government.

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Hello my name is Rick Reesman I love Abstract art and I have always loved nature and all elements of this world when i started painting something inside me came alive and I have a almost a sense of inner peace I feel as if my photos and art have come alive since March 2017 I have have had visions of painting and photography and somehow I feel that art is my true calling I seem to enjoy it a lot and i notice when I take photos I seem to capture all kinds of images out of this world it seems that when I use smoke and a camera with the suns light I can capture neat images I do use light room to lighten and darken my photos until i can see or feel a face or something that is connected to me spiritually and it shows in my art work I would like nothing more to b an amazing artist and live a simple happy long life and work from home with my family so please help or guide or point me to the next best thing I am new to this so please any feed back I would greatly appreciate well thanks for your time and God bless you as well I hope you enjoy this art and my creativity and hope to make the world a better place one picture or swipe of a brush at so help me help u help us help everyone

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