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Learn more about Richard Wambach from Red Hook, NY - United States.

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The unusual collaboration of a former Insurance Auditor and Marketing Professional has led to the creation of Nic & Wambach Creative Arts. Nicole and Dick both share a love of the wonders of the Hudson River Valley outdoors: scenic vistas, historic places and homes, businesses and activities make up our great valley communities.

Looking through Dick’s collection of 1970s Ocracoke, North Carolina scenic drawings, they decided Wambach should take up drawing in earnest again. Nicole, who enjoys driving her Camaro road touring around the region, began photographing locations with Dick a few months ago. They continue to identify and record great subject matter for new drawings that might interest local art lovers. Nicole has a great eye for interesting compositions. Her main role is to recommend subjects, help to coordinate schedules of location and studio work, participate in shows, local markets and other arts venues. Dick’s role is to draw “‘til his heart’s content.”

Dick Wambach, working from location or from photographs and digital images, renders his subjects in black and cool gray felt tip marker on acid free smooth fine quality 90# white drawing papers. He translates what he sees in his mind’s eye with a touch of whimsy and takes the hard edge away from reality in his presentation. Using only black and white line and tone, he emphasizes the main subjects of his drawings with contrasting deep shadows and blank white space to produce arresting compositions.

Our current portfolio includes many scenes from New York's Hudson Valley and many new scenes from the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. New areas and many new images should be added this year.

Wambach also works on commission to do custom drawings of homes, farms, cars and other vehicles, business locations, community group facilities or events, and favorite scenes. Thank you for visiting our site at Fine Art America... we hope to hear from you soon!

Richard Wambach joined Licensing on December 13th, 2013.