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When I was 3 years old, my father gave me his old camera to play with...except I didn't play with it, I used it as my voice to capture moments that I felt the need to record and still do to this day. I have been nicknamed THE SOUL PHOTOGRAPHER. People ask to be DRUified. I have received the gift of creating Transformational Photography. I am the photographer who intuitively gets inside your soul... who sees through all you are hiding from and brings out the essence of who you are. I am an intuitive who often times knows you better than you know yourself...and if you surrender yourself to me, my lens or my might be surprised by what you see. I, along with my partner Misti Cooper, help relationships heal thru the use of photography. I am UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which you'll feel in my photographs and when you work with me. My photography is international, featured in The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The NY Times and a host of other publications around the world. I have captured souls from Entertainment to Sports and hangs on the walls of hundreds of people. It's time for you to hang your favorite DRUified image on your wall.

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Rebecca Dru joined Licensing on December 14th, 2012.