Ramona Kraemer-Dobson - Artist

About Ramona Kraemer-Dobson

Learn more about Ramona Kraemer-Dobson from Georgetown, ON - Canada.

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Ramona is a self taught artist with a special and intense interest in watercolour media.

Her desire to create original works started with a simple assignment in Kindergarten to make a snowman on paper. Her 3-dimensional work was showcased in front of all her peers (a very proud moment for a 5 year old) and thus started her love of art.

Through high school and University she always had a sketchbook on the go, mostly pencil drawing but also dabbling in pastels and charcoal. Then came a long hiatus during which she raised her three children. With the kids growing more independent there came the time to do something for herself and it was only natural that she take up her love of art again. But the pencil was not enough. Having always loved the transparency of watercolour media it was time to develop painting skills. With the help of books, a few workshops, many hours of practise and lots of paper and paint her style is still evolving. Her love of the natural world and remnants of the past are reflected in her work. Her hope is to bring awareness of the common things in life and present them in a simple yet unique way.

Ramona Kraemer-Dobson joined Pixels.com Licensing on November 22nd, 2011.