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Learn more about Ramona Barnhill from Lafayette, LA - United States.

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I am a late bloomer to art and photography. Though I was interested in art and photography in my youth, I was unable to pursue it. Someone recently asked me what I did for enjoyment. After giving it some thought, I realized that everything I did was in some way for someone else. I decided to begin a journey that I should have taken 40 years ago. I took a beginning acrylic class at the local college, in their continuing education program in July 2009. I find painting very challenging but a much needed outlet for the expression of my soul. I had a digital camera but did not take that many pictures. I decided to explore the art of photography a little more and to see just what my little camera was capable of doing. I am truly a beginner and have much to learn. I welcome all positive comments that would make me a better artist and photographer.

I know that we are not promised tomorrow. I want to leave behind something positive that will bring enjoyment and meaning for someone else. I want to leave something that my children will be proud of and admire. I have always been amazed by the awesome imagination of our creator with all the beauty and power that I see in nature. I hope to bring God glory and give back something wonderful through my art and photography. So begins the journey....

Ramona Barnhill joined Pixels.com Licensing on September 9th, 2009.