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Learn more about Petra Heveroch from Koeln, NRW - Germany.

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ZEN ART. LIVING SYMBOLS. This is a unique form of intelligent art, energetic designs, high frequency symbols & motives that carry a specific activation for you. It is art for our new world. During this challenging time on the planet, my art is here to uplift, rebalance, strengthen, purify and upgrade you. It connects you to your own inner truth, clarity, love, your inner harmony. It is your essence, your beauty, the wonder of life, made visual.

*** A client said: 'Petra's artwork always reminds me in a deep deep way of what is true. This feeling can bring me through my day. Just by looking at Petra's art, a profound relaxation instantly happens in my body. Suddenly I'm aware of my breath deepening, I feel my body. I become calm, peaceful, at ease. I tap into this knowing that everything is ok, exactly as it is.' ***

See for yourself, what your body tells you when you browse through the images. Listen to your inner guidance, you can trust it. Treat yourself with beauty.

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Much love, Petra

Petra Heveroch joined Licensing on September 5th, 2017.