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Learn more about Peggy Kahan from Seattle, WA - United States.

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My love for photography began when, as a child I received my first Brownie camera and began documenting the animals in my life.

Later I combined my interest in taking pictures with my love for travel. My husband and I have been fortunate to visit many wonderful places, always with a camera in hand.

I discovered the world of digital photography and was fascinated with adding to and rearranging elements in photographs. I have taught classes on adding textures to photos to make them unique and beautiful. I have taken many courses to add to my skills and knowledge on how to enhance my images. Years ago, I painted on canvas using real brushes. I now paint on the computer, using a variety of brushes and papers and love the freedom of digital painting.

In both my photography and my painting, I strive to evoke an emotion, whether that is joy, a smile, nostalgia or even sadness. It gives me great satisfaction when someone comments that an image of mine has stirred a feeling within them.

Thank you for reading this and looking at my work. I hope it gave you pleasure. I truly enjoy creating each piece.

Peggy Kahan

Peggy Kahan joined Licensing on September 16th, 2013.