Pauline Adair - Artist

About Pauline Adair

Learn more about Pauline Adair from Peregian Springs, QLD - Australia.

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Hi.... I'm Pauline!

Each and every person has their own individual beauty, outside and inside..... they are already masterpieces of creation! Painting people is how I celebrate humankind and each person’s uniqueness, and I paint people as a tribute to our Creator.
I have sketched and painted many subjects over the years, and explored the figure and portraits extensively throughout my art journey.
I’m basically self-taught, taking inspiration from old masters as well as modern day artists.... I am thirsty for art, both to look at and to create it. I paint every single day if I possibly can..... I don’t want to go to my grave with my paintings still inside me!

Pauline Adair joined Licensing on December 7th, 2008.