Paul Wear - Artist

About Paul Wear

Learn more about Paul Wear from Norwalk, CT - United States.

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Paul is a native Southern Californian, born in the early 1950’s. As a child he was always interested in art, but it wasn’t until a neighbor gave him a camera and a black and white developing kit at the age of 10 that his love of photography began. He studied photography at the renowned Brooks Institute of Photographic Art and Science in Santa Barbara, California, and in 1976 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography and Motion Picture Production.

After graduation, Paul worked on the cult classic movie 'The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' Although the movie enjoyed success at the box office, Paul decided that photographic art was his true calling.

Paul’s photographic composition style defines his artistry within this medium. His photographs include a multitude of objects which are abundantly available and yet are of little artistic value when viewed from a distance. The design of hairline cracks on a sidewalk or a close up of peeling paint on an aging wall, unexpectedly become objets d'art in his photographs. Paul is a master of hidden composition; his artwork is a visual journey of color, ripe with strong graphic lines and forced perspectives that draw one’s eye to discover the entirety of each piece. Although open to interpretation, Paul’s art reflects his own unique perspective of the world.

Paul Wear joined Licensing on July 20th, 2010.