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About Patty Boban Lipinski

Learn more about Patty Boban Lipinski from Pittsburgh, PA - United States.

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My name is Patty Lipinski and welcome to my website!

As a child, I always loved art. Drawing, painting and making crafts. I could be found exploring nature, climbing hills and studying leaves and rocks.

As a visual artist, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I studied Fine Art four years in high school and was given an outstanding achievement award for art upon graduation. With dreams to become an illustrator, I continued my education at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Interior Design, University of Pittsburgh in Chinese Brush Painting, Carnegie Museum Classes in Portrait and Anatomy and Famous Artist Instruction Classes in Illustration.

To pursue art was a deep passion that persisted continously in my life. I always wanted to study more, to learn more and to try new mediums. After taking classes in oil painting, I found painting on canvas a wonderful experience. So I broadened the skill to set design. I was commissioned to paint murals on 20' x 24' backdrops for dance recitals. The colors danced across the canvas as the dancers, one of which was my daughter, sparkled magically on stage. That is art to me, colors of joy, light and reflection. Reflective of a storybook's pages of emotion being told one pigmented glaze at a time.

After retiring from the business world, I decided to further my artistic career and paint full-time. My work includes illustration, murals, portraits, children's furniture design and mixed media as well in mediums of watercolor, pen and ink, acrylics and oil utilizing a medium appropriate to the subject matter.

I believe my work has been influenced from the Impressionist era and the illustration work of Norman Rockwell. But most recently, I have begun to paint fantasy subjects and have found William Morris and Arthur Rackham fascinating illustrators.

My goal as an artist is to portray serentity and beauty of nature with an emotional message of happiness, hope and joy by whimsical uses of color and design.

Please enjoy your visit to my page. Hopefully you will see something you like!

Patty Boban Lipinski joined Licensing on June 5th, 2013.