Panos Pliassas - Artist

About Panos Pliassas

Learn more about Panos Pliassas from Pelion, Magnisia - Greece.

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My specialization as an Artist is that I'm creating artworks with airbrush, pencils, and acrylics. Moreover, I'm creating analog collage artworks, mixed media art, digital art paintings, digital collage, and fine art photography.
I was born in the heart of Greece, in the town of Karditsa. Today I live on the magnificent Mount Pelion, the legendary mountain of the Centaurs, where I built the studio of my dreams.
Ever since I was young, I loved to create abstract designs and calligraphy. I soon realized that through my artistic sensitivities I could bring to life the ideas, tendencies, contradictions, emotions, people and nature that fill my subconscious. In this search for meaning, I express both my unanswered questions and my life experiences. Indeed, it is through my painting, collage, photography and digital artwork that one can understand my thoughts, communicate with me conceptually and share a unique experience.
I have been working as an artist in airbrush painting, mixed media techniques and graphic design for many years. Among my greatest works of art is, I believe, my family, with 4 amazing children who are an inspiration to me. I have collaborated with many artists in a variety of art galleries and contributed to a great number of projects with designers, architects, advertisers and photographers. I am passionate about my work and am constantly evolving through the use of new mediums including digital manipulation. I combine painting, graphic design, photography, and digital technology with the azure expanse of the Aegean Sea to inspire me.

Panos Pliassas joined Licensing on October 13th, 2013.