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Learn more about Pamela Smale Williams from LINDEN, TX - United States.

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With a NIKON in one hand, digital screen and paintbrush joining in, I aim to bridge the gap between photography and pigmented art into a process I call 'Artography' since 2009. It's mixed media with electronic art added. 'Digipainting' is another term I use.
Thank you for taking interest in my work. I'm happy to reply to questions or discuss making an artistic piece created just for you.

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All my artwork is registered copyright with all rights reserved: Pamela Smale Williams, ARTography by Pamela, and Image Wizards Photography. Purchase of prints does not transfer reproduction rights.

Pamela Smale Williams Artography combines photography with digital enhancements, and painting to create a different final art piece.
'It's own genre, I coined the term 'Artography' in 2009 for the process that blends photography techniques with both pigment paint, mixed media, and digital graphic paint as a media all its own'. It's both ART and PHOTOGRAPHY in an intelligent progression from the way art has evolved and mixed with electronically generated light and color mediums'.
'My passions include creating art in mixed media, combining it with inspirations from other interests: History, metaphysics, botany, interior and architectural design, art history, jewelry design, anthropology, mythology, fairy tales and legends, painting, floral design, and gardening ... utilized often to study and create new work'.

Born a native Texan, Pamela creates her works now near Jefferson Texas--Queen of the turn of the century towns in east Texas.

To negotiate a fee for use for a time to be agreed upon and without perpetuity, please contact Pamela directly.
None of the images on this site are available for free use so please do not duplicate them.
Charities and non profits are welcome to contact the artist to arrange art as auction items or to use as donations.

ARTISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS RIGHTS are discussed in the following informative articles:
My work out there: photographed or modeled. ALL IMAGES ARE OWNED AND ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY PAMELA SMALE WILLIAMS, ARTography by Pamela, and Image Wizards Photography.

Please browse through my Galleries and feel free to get in touch with me for any questions or if you need assistance selecting a frame, a throw pillow, phone cover & electronics personalization pieces, weekender travel and tote bags, apparel, towels, decor items, or other of the great choices available.

Pamela Smale Williams joined Licensing on February 5th, 2013.