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Pamela Allegretto Franz attended Colorado University Extension in Denver, and later moved to Florence, Italy where she studied art and Italian at L'Universita` Per Gli Stranieri.   To finance her education her job resume was as colorful as the Renaissance city itself.   She shivered as an artist's model and sang the blues in catacomb nightclubs.   She worked as an interpreter/translator for a textile company and hawked leather goods to tourists.   Back on US soil, the colors on her resume remained vibrant.   In addition to Italian teacher at Berlitz School of...more
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My Insight Gallery

I have always liked the concept of trying to put myself in someone else's shoes, in order to better understand the basis of their emotions and actions. In these paintings, I wanted to demonstrate the idea that when we are fleshed out and outwardly adorned we are all unique. But under the costumes and grease paint, we are one. We are all Mother Earth’s children. I still have hope that in my lifetime I will see everyone, despite their race, ethnicity, religion, lack of religion, economic situation, sexual orientation, etc., treated with dignity. How hard is it, really, just to treat people the way you want to be treated?

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