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About Omar Hafidi

Learn more about Omar Hafidi from Whitestone, NY - United States.

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Omar was born in Casablanca, Morocco, a land of one thousand and one colors. Color was everywhere , present in everything . It was hard to figure out where art ended and life began.
He loves color, bold, standing, audacious, destroying, creating, mad, gentle, sad, mocking, loving, living...with color he embarks on endless odysseys of self discovery. He sails as far as the waves of his imagination can carry him, he flies and soars as high as the wings of his senses can lift him up in the limitless vastness of the heavens; he digs,as deep as the demons of his inner self can lure me to venture .Color is his quest and his Holy Grail, his starting point and his final destination ,his hopes and his dreams, his search for beauty and inspiration.
Through color, he will keep searching, tirelessly, undeterred, for those great lines of nature and reveal them to mankind in a beautiful majesty, with all its strength and all its frailty, with all its violence and all its tenderness, with all its life and all its death, as one great, genuine and noble gift: that is art......

I am married and have two beautiful boys,we live in New York City.
I really hope that my art will bring you joy and add elegance and class to your home or office.

Omar Hafidi joined Licensing on February 24th, 2013.