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Learn more about Olga Olix Shiller from Los Angeles, CA - United States.

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Ol.Shi. is a third generation of professional artists, member of The Union of Artists of Russia, winner of young art specialist's competition. The award has been signed by the Governor of Saint-Petersburg in 2003. Her work is displayed in several museums, galleries and private collections all over the world. Olga received her basic creative education at the Academy of Fine Arts named after I.E. Respin in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where she graduated with the highest diploma grade and received her Master's Degree in Arts. Her diploma work was honored by the State Certification Board, which consisted of the most famous and distinguished artists of the Russian Federation, and professors of The Russian Academy of Art.
•Exhibition of Russian Creative Photography in Main Exhibition Hall of St.-Petersburg. Organized by Canon (2002)
•The Diploma for the participation in the competition between professional photographers 'Severnaya Palmira 2002' organized by Union of Journalists of St.-Petersburg
•Series of personal photos exhibition 'St.-Petersburg in Holland' (2003, Netherlands)
•The Diploma of Honor for the participation in the competition 'The Muses of St.-Petersburg' Grant Recepient (2003)
•All-Russian Art Institutions Diploma Exhibition (2003)
•Exhibition in the Union of Artists at St.-Petersburg. Became member of Union of Artists in Russia (2003)
•Competition winner between young art specialists signed by the Governor in St.-Petersburg (2003)
•Co-operation in St.-Petersburg Anniversary Album (decoration, photo work and design) 'Petersburg Ingot' (3 Volumes) 'Russian Collections' Publishing House (2003)
•Completed Mural project 'Classic Album' for St.-Petersburg City Hall Non Profit Architectural Foundation (2003)
•Completed wall-painting for Chinese Restaurant in Holland, Leiden (2004)
•Co-operation in Completing Mural for Kaiser-Permanente Hospital in Riverside, California (2009)

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