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Nadja Van Ghelue - Artist

About Nadja Van Ghelue

Learn more about Nadja Van Ghelue from IB - Spain.

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My gallery presents calligraphies and paintings that breathe the spirit of contemporary Chinese and Japanese brush art. The main feature of my art work is to grab the moment of inspiration and express in its fullness with the brush. My medium is ink and natural pigments on rice paper. My primary tool is the flexible Oriental sheep's hair brush.

In the calligraphy section you will find artwork brushed in different styles of Japanese calligraphy. The very different calligraphic styles evoke different moods, which you will be able to appreciate yourself by browsing the calligraphy print gallery.

The subjects covered in the calligraphy section are mainly related to Zen and Buddhism and martial arts.

As for the painting gallery you will find flower paintings, bamboo and chrysanthemum, sumi landscapes and still lives. All of them are brushed in the spirit of Japanese ink painting, with directness and simplicity.

Where I use natural pigments you will be able to appreciate the transparent quality of these pigments, which convey a very subtle hue to the prints.

I hope you enjoy this print gallery with Japanese calligraphy and sumi paintings and I hope you find what you are looking for.

If you would like to read more about my art work and vision please visit my web site

I am the author of the following books :

'A Kanji Stroke Order Manual for Heart Sutra Copying', an insightful practical guide for the actual copying of the Heart Sutra in Japanese kanji in regular script.

'The Heart Sutra in Calligraphy: A Visual Appreciation of The Perfection of Wisdom', a copy of the Heart Sutra in seal script, brushed by myself.

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Nadja Van Ghelue joined Licensing on October 10th, 2013.