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Learn more about Carol Senske from Green Lane, PA - United States.

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I always wanted to try photography, and my retirement offered an opportunity to do just that.

The natural world is my first love. Here you will find pictures of things both large (landscapes, for instance) and small (macro) that catch my eye. I hope the images serve as a window into the natural world many of you don't have the chance to see. In a sense, I'm trying to create a guided nature trail, sharing what information I have about the subject.

I'm always grateful for new and better information and welcome all input. Learning is food for the mind and soul.

Nothing is ever harmed in the picture-taking process, but some things that wander into our home (like spiders) are carefully removed from the house after they serve as 'models'. Houseflies, mosquitoes, and ticks are exempt from the 'no harm' doctrine:>).

So much to learn!

With some exceptions these pictures are 'as is, where is', and they are not cleaned up, so to speak, by removing bits and pieces of stuff. Nature is messy. I like to focus on showing a real environment whenever possible.

I've begun to experiment with textures and combining images, especially with greeting cards. You can teach an old dog new tricks:>)

Enjoy your visit! Thank you for stopping by.

Carol Senske joined Licensing on March 11th, 2011.