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Learn more about Morgan Wright from Aptos, CA - United States.

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I am a 31 year old living in Santa Cruz, CA. Living on the Pacific coast, I have developed an intense love for the Pacific Ocean, the beaches along the California coastline, and the wildlife that inhabit it. My photographic style may vary, however, my subject matter (almost) never strays from the marine habitat.

My journey into the art of photography began many years ago when I received a small point-and-shoot camera for Christmas. The camera wasn't very sophisticated, but I began to understand that a perfect photo isn't captured by the camera but by the person controlling it. After receiving my camera, my grandfather, who was an avid photographer himself, would share with me his secrets of photography; both taking the actual picture and editing it in post-production. When my grandfather passed away, he left me his DSLR (the same one that's in my profile picture) as well as several different lenses, most of which I have been using ever since. I have taken both digital and film classes at the local junior college here in Santa Cruz, and hope to someday attend a more comprehensive photography school.

Morgan Wright joined Licensing on January 25th, 2012.