Monica Furlow - Artist

About Monica Furlow

Learn more about Monica Furlow from Indianapolis, IN - United States.

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Monica Furlow has a passion for creating art that goes back to early childhood. As a young child she often painted on and with anything. When no paint was available, she would seek pigment in her surroundings, finding bloodroot and dandelions reasonable substitutions.
This passion has followed her into adulthood. Frequently consumed for weeks to years on one piece of art, her works are typically comprised of oils on Masonite. Her preferred subjects are trees, wind, feathers, and ladies with long flowing hair and thusly marketed under the name Lonesome Tree Artistry in reference to a common theme in her paintings.
“Lonesome trees” are paintings of trees that represent life, character and the spectrum of emotions. The tree is solid; roots grounded in the earth, providing it strength; branches reach up to the sky giving it hope; limbs that bend and sway providing it flexibility. These things and much more give a tree the endurance to thrive in a harsh ever-changing environment and inspire Monica’s art through their grace and strength.
She spends much of her time traveling around central Indiana tending to people who suffer from terminal illness and these experiences have had a profound influence on her artwork and have instilled a strong desire to bring beauty to the world.
She creates each piece with a need to use color and depth of shadow to instill a sense that the piece has a soul and at the same time share a little of hers with the viewer.

Monica Furlow joined Licensing on October 31st, 2011.