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Learn more about Mike Gonzalez from Chicago Heights, IL - United States.

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Cuban born, American artist Miguel has been fascinated with art his whole life. Starting early in life to demonstrate strong artistic abilities, it wasn't until he accidentally sketched a portrait of Eartha Kitt when he was only 12 that he recognized his own ability.

With no formal art education other than some general classes in high school, he developed his own style through self-determination and personal discipline.
Miguel never forgets to credit his high school art teacher, Mr. Kelly, with the one piece of information he still finds useful today: 'always look at your subject more than your sketch'.
In addition to his drawings, Miguel has created backdrops and program covers for various musical theater and opera productions. Most currently, Miguel has become an internationally published artist having had a large portion of his drawings featured in the French art magazine, CHARACTER.

'As an artist, l have a great appreciation for the muscular male physique. It is the subtle interplay of light and dark shadows created by the muscles that make the work interesting for me. When I begin a new piece, I do not so much draw on the paper but rather allow the shadows to emerge from the blank page. I always try to portray a certain emotion in addition to the sensuality of the piece.'

I currently have several pieces on exhibit thru November 13th at The Center on Halsted in Chicago, IL. See Press Release tab for address information.

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