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Welcome!   I specialize in Fractal Art, though I also enjoy doing traditional art, and photography.   I've been involved in making fractal art for just over 15 years now, and mainly use Ultra Fractal.   Sometimes I'll use Apophysis, or combine UF and Apophysis, or experiment with Mandelbulb 3D, as well.   My photography is mostly of nature, of God's created world.   I am a Born-Again Christian, and give God glory for the beauty He's created!   I also believe that fractal mathematics, known as recursive geometry, had a great deal to do with how He...more
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Fractal Art-UF And Other Programs

This is where my combination of UF with PaintShop Pro, or Apophysis, or other programs, is being put. There are so many possiblities with UF, and fractals can be used in so many ways! Hope you enjoy seeing my work here, as much as I enjoyed making it!

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