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Learn more about Michelle Cruz from Staten Island, NY - United States.

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I've had a hard knock life growing up in the foster care system in NYC. I was abused by my birth mother and left home at 16 when I had my first child. I went through the beatings, starvation, humiliation and depression. I never wanted that for my children so I decided to change my life and not walk the same path I had been forced to walk as a child. I am now the mother of 3 children. The oldest is 20 years old, he's a writer and musician and also has a child of his own ( so yes I'm a grandma), my other child is a daughter who is 15 years old, she's an artist and a great student, my youngest is 12 who loves to dance. I have always loved photography but put off my love for many years in order to raise my children. I actually never even thought about trying to earn a living through my photography until year ago. when I decided to show a few of my co-workers my work. I'm currently a medical assistant and work in a medical office. Once my co-workers saw my work they started ordering prints and told me you should try selling your work online, I told them they were crazy but I've decided to take a chance at it. I've been a member for about 4 months now, I have yet to sell anything but I know there are so many amazing artists out there so I'm patient. I hope all enjoy my work and thank you.

Michelle Cruz joined Pixels.com Licensing on June 22nd, 2011.