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Hey everyone, I'm Mey.
I'm not good at writing biographies, mostly cause I feel like there's so much to tell, and who will even read it?
A victim of sexual abuse as a child, spent few months in a shelter for street-kids, and later on got drafted to the army.
Once the army chapter was done with, after being medically discharged, I started traveling the world, finding local jobs wherever I went.
In 2011 I came back to Israel, and started my career, advancing in the world of media and tech, till a PTSD diagnosis in 2015 placed my life on hold.
From a tech manager, to a veteran seeking help, I opened my first business- Queenja.
I built websites for people, consulted Etsy shops, wrote SEO content, and worked on both my physical and mental health.
In 2016 I took my laptop and business out into the world again, and in the beginning of 2021 I opened my Youtube channel- with tips of everything I learned throughout the years.
I am an affiliate marketer, a graphic designer, and I love photography.
I felt like I needed a place to display my photography, taken throughout the years, in various places around the world, and that's how I came to open my account on FAA.
Now, I upload my photographs, sharing the world as I see it, and the places and objects that make me happy :)
I hope you like my art <3

You can find me on Instagram:
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Maya Mey Aroyo joined Licensing on March 5th, 2021.