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Learn more about Maxx Phoenixx from Tampa, FL - United States.

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Welcome to my Home- Please bookmark now as I update often.

I have won First Place in four international contest recently and enjoy 1000's of fans and collectors worldwide.

You demand value,quality and commitment to service. Art that will not only be appreciated but appreciate in value . I deliver as my paintings make a connection with people that will inspire for generations. Paintings that are admired by 1000's worldwide and are crafted in the highest quality.

My work inspires by creatively sharing a feeling, truth or story. Implementing the new with proven masters techniques. Often spending several weeks working on a painting to create unique work that SAYS something that's meaningful. These paintings stand out from the crowd and are relevant that are imbued with a timeless appeal. Top quality paintings that will last for generations.

Maxx Phoenixx has been an oil painter in Tampa, Florida since 1997.'my passion is painting- I'm self-taught, which I've learned from a continuous observation and constant study over the years''. Painting is his only source of income and his full-time obsession, His work has won many awards. Maxx works on commission for business's and collectors and is collected nationally. Order your commission today!

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Featuring my art directly from the Passionate Artist- with no gallery commissions.

Maxx Phoenixx- Professional Artist/Painter
Location: Tampa, Florida
Creative Handcrafted Oil Paintings and Murals

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Maxx Phoenixx joined Licensing on January 25th, 2013.