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Mary Ann Weger - Artist

Mary Ann Weger

Learn more about Mary Ann Weger from North Attleborough, MA - United States.

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My daily life has always been closely aligned with nature and the four seasons. That is often the theme in my photography. Residing in southern New England for almost all my life, I have been blessed with the famous changing colors of autumn leaves, and the yellow glow of candles positioned behind small window panes in winter. The Atlantic coastal areas of New England have also provided me access to some of the most beautiful and famous oceanfront properties and beaches in the world!

My childhood and teenage years were spent in upstate New York where winters many times lasted for six months. Being a city girl surrounded by snow wasn't much different from living in the country. I spent so much of my life walking through the deep snow, sledding, ice skating, and during winter break and snow days accomplished dozens of projects quickly before we were all shoveled out and had to return to school! This diverse lifestyle of rustic outdoor activity, indoor creative busy-ness, and easy access to city amenities in the winter changed drastically in the summer when everything seemed 'easy' and fast - whether on foot, bicycle, bus or car. My weekend activities during the summer and fall were many times based in the country areas with vast amounts of farmland, woodlands, natural ponds and clear blue lakes! And so, my genuine love for city life, country life, and the four seasons grows stronger with each passing year. This love is reflected in my photography as well.

After moving to New England, my love of the fresh water finger-lakes and the great-lake -Lake Ontario - has naturally extended to the Atlantic Ocean. As I often say, looking at the horizon where the sky meets the ocean makes me feel free -- as if I am experiencing what eternity or infinity is.

Photography, Music, Poetry and Prose have been a great love of mine since childhood as well, and that love keeps growing every day. While I have been trained in using film, I have begun using the digital camera more and more, mostly for *book-sized* images to use in a book I am working on that will combine my creative images with my prose and poetry. My experimentation with larger sized images has increased, but they are not my priority right now, and have not become available to the public as of yet.

2000-2020 Mary Ann Weger - Copyright: All of my images are Copyrighted and may not be reproduced, edited, published, copied, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

Mary Ann Weger joined Licensing on December 1st, 2013.