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Learn more about Martine Murphy from N/A, County Meath - Ireland.

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I was born in Hope Hospital Salford, Manchester, England in 1957 and shortly after we moved to Ireland, from where my ancestors fled during the famine of 1847. I absorbed the basics of life and painting at my father’s knee. In my late teens I went for a short time to the National College of Art, Dublin. In the late ‘70’s early ‘80’s I spent five years working in a Graphic Design studio. The influence can be seen in some of my paintings, a merging of graphic and decoreltic styles (a phrase coined by my father). However, I have developed various painting styles. I was chuffed when one of my paintings won a master class with the renowned contemporary Irish artist Robert Ballagh. One of life’s peak moments was when he allowed me use his own brush for blending! The painting I completed at that workshop, ‘The Turf Cutter’ was sold shortly after. It’s the one painting I regret selling.

Over the years, I have used my creativity and art within the community. I was a part of ArtMart, a community art and environmental group founded by my father, James (Seamo) Cassidy, that painted community murals way before street art became popular. I believe that, like many of the other visual and performance arts, painting transcends race, colour, religion and gender as a form of self-expression and communication. I am married, have five children and six grandchildren to date.

I paint in a variety of mediums. My main subject inspirations are the things that speak to me personally and evoke emotion, whether it is a sunset warming rocks in the Burren, a ruin - steeped in bloody history or a hen on a mission in a farmyard in Diggle. I work from my studio in the heritage town of Trim, Meath Ireland.

Lately, I have also ventured into the world of photography. It's a learning curve that I'm eagerly set upon, with a view to expanding my creative horizons!

Martine Murphy nee Cassidy

Martine Murphy joined Licensing on November 20th, 2015.