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Learn more about Marta Kazmierska from Calgary, AB - Canada.

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My name is Marta Kazmierska born in Poland and self-taught artist.
Since I can remember as a child I have been drawing and painting.
When other kids were playing on the outside, I everyday in my room sketching and drawing all day.
I never graduated from any art school. My parents could not afford to send me to any art school. 
The more I draw everyday, the more I learned something new. And slowly learned how to mix colors, how to work with shapes and light.
And still continuing to learn more everyday.
When I paint, I feel like I'm in another world, where everything is possible, where dreams come true, where the sun always shines and there is no room for sadness and tears. 
Through my paintings, I express what I feel, what I experience, what is inside me.  
There was a time that I attended free classes of drawing and painting at the Community Hall in my hometown.
I was a volunteer at Environmental Home Self- Help ( It is a Center for people with mental disorders or mental health issues )  where I encouraged the patients to do art activities, especially to draw and paint.
I have tried different fields of art:  murals on walls and ceilings, paintings on glass, paintings on ceramics, portraits, pencil, and crayon drawing,
manga and anime, graffiti, ornamental cards, monotype prints, designing clothes, I made earrings, I did wood carving and I did a sculpture in clay,
I also love to write poems.
I like to focus more on drawing and painting with oil paints. It is my favorite. 
When I was a child I started out drawing cartoon characters. Then moved to draw manga and anime.
Now mostly I paint wildlife and nature that inspires me since I moved to Canada.
In my free time when I look for inspiration, I spend time with my husband and we go to National Parks of Canada and I take photographs of unique and interesting places.
We like walking on mountains and be close to nature, that's when we rest and relax from the stress and the noise of the city.  
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Marta Kazmierska joined Licensing on November 7th, 2017.